As a child growing up, roasted corn was our handiest snack. Now, each mouthful takes me lower back.

Developing up in barlanchi, tanahun some and a half of a long time in the past, there were few avenues for us children to indulge in sweets, instant noodles, bread and biscuits. The stores in my village didn’t stock those guilty pleasures. The nearest shop that did sell those sweets and biscuits became almost an
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Master Ji Shree 1008 Mohan Priyacharya has said the conviction on god drives one to cheerful life and does well to the soul. Giving an address on ‘God and Concept of Divinity’ at a program at Bagmati College of Sukedhara, Guru Priyacharya contended that even the researchers have had faith in the standard of God.
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