Dashain celebrations (In photos)

Dashain celebrations (In photos)

Dashain celebrations (In photos)

The 10th day of Bada Dashain festival is being celebrated all over the country on Friday by receiving ‘Tika’ and blessings from elders.

The festival brings good vibes to people from different walks of life and of all ages. Dashain is more special for children who are excited about new clothes, good foods and holidays.

The festival brings together distant relatives who are otherwise unable to gather due to busy schedule. Also, the children living abroad or in cities retrun to their ancestrol home to meet their parents and celebrate the festival.

During Dashain, people receive Tika and Jamara till the full moon day. Tika and Jamara are considered the auspicious gifts of the goddess Nawa Durga and they signify prosperity.

The Bijaya Dashami festival is celebrated in commemoration of the victory of truth over evil and the victory of divine forces over demonic forces.

Here are some photos of Nepalis celebrating Dashain Tika:-



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