Govt to hold talks with Qatari officials

Govt to hold talks with Qatari officials

Govt to hold talks with Qatari officials

onsidering the increasing number of complaints related to problems being faced by Nepali migrant workers in Qatar, the government is planning to hold talks with the concerned Qatari authorities soon.

“We will soon hold talks with the Qatari government to settle the issues raised by Nepali migrant workers on human rights, security, benefits and salaries,” Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista said today.

Speaking at a programme titled ‘Global Conference on Sports-Migrant Nexus World Cup 2018 and Winter Olympics 2018 Evaluation and Handover’, Minister Bista mentioned that for the sake of security and rights of Nepalis working in Qatar, Nepal government will initiate actions aimed at reaching a feasible solution and win-win situation for all involved.

“As the migrants working on World Cup stadiums are reportedly not being treated fairly in terms of salary, benefits and working conditions, we have realised the need to resolve their issues as soon as possible to secure their rights.”

Stating that there have been reports of Nepali migrant workers being laid off in foreign land, especially Qatar, for demanding hygienic food, timely payment of salary, proper accommodation, among others, the minister said the government is trying to come up with a solution to such problems through diplomatic channels.

While millions of Nepalis have left for foreign destinations for employment due to high rate of unemployment and lack of money-making opportunities within Nepal, Minister Bista claimed the situation has changed now.

“Apart from fixing minimum wage for workers, the government is now gearing up to provide annual unemployment benefit of Rs 26,900 per household,” he said.

On July 22, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security had announced it would provide 50 per cent of minimum wage for 120 days if no member of a family is employed for a year. This provision is included in the ‘Prime Minister Employment Programme’, under the heading ‘Life sustainability allowance’.

Minister Bista further said that the government is gearing up to launch the social security benefits for workers, depending on their contribution, within two months.

– The Himalayan Times.


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