UK has Gurkha lieutenant colonel

UK has Gurkha lieutenant colonel

UK has Gurkha lieutenant colonel

At a time when ex-British Gurkhas are fighting for their rights, their sitting colleagues have achieved success in the field one after another.

British Gurkha Yam Bahadur Rana has recently been promoted as lieutenant colonel. The promotion committee of British Army on Thursday decided to promote Rana to the ninth rank in the military service.

Rana, 52, is said to be first British Gurkha to hold this position after joining the British Gurkha Army in 1981. Earlier, Lal Bahadur Pun and Bijaya Raut served at the position but they entered into the service through officer levels. Pun and Raut have already been retired.

Rana belongs to Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment at Andover. “I am very happy to have achieved this success. This shows that Gurkhas can also be promoted to such higher position in British Army,” Rana said. He said the achievement will also inspire the new generation to move ahead.

He said he was able to achieve this success due to his persevering work, integrity, dedication and education.

Rana, who grew up in a family of Gurkha soldiers at permanent resident of Limgha in Gulmi district, completed his Master’s degree in Communication Engineering in 2006.

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