SC moved for establishing breast milk banks in Nepal

SC moved for establishing breast milk banks in Nepal

Nine humans nowadays filed a public activity litigation at the Supreme Court disturbing establishment of breast (human) milk banks in Nepal to ensure ample grant of breast milk for babies, who have now not been capable to get breast milk due to numerous reasons.

Advocates Niranjan Upreti, Raju Shakya, Shreya Upreti, Nurse Kripa Wagle, Lab technician Sapana Neupane and people Arohi Shrestha, Abishi Dahal, Kundan Kushwaha, and Dichen Gurung filed the petition in the apex court, arguing that establishing breast milk banks in Nepal was once also integral to decrease infant mortality rate.

Stating that breast milk includes all types of vitamin that children need for their growth, they argued that breast milk was once crucial to enhance immunity and forestall infection in children.

The petitioners argued that organising human milk banks was quintessential as all teens may additionally now not have get admission to to breast milk due to demise or scientific stipulations of their mothers. Stating that cow milk, buffalo milk or powder milk cannot replacement breast milk, the petitioners stated that excessive incidences of deficiency in infant vitamin have been linked to lack of children’s access to breast milk.

Establishing breast milk bank is indispensable as breast milk can’t be substituted and wet nurses are no longer without problems accessible and it would not be possible to produce breast milk in giant extent from moist nurses,” the petitioners argued in their petition. The petition said lactating mothers were throwing excess breast milk and if breast milk banks have been established, these mothers would have a hazard to supply their milk to these banks.

They said World Health Organisation had also encouraged organising a breast milk bank.

The first breast milk bank was established in 1909 in Austria. Petitioners have demanded that breast milk banks be established in terrific places by using formulating fundamental directives.

The petitioners stated that even though Mother’s Milk Substitute (Control of Sale and Distribution) two Act, 1992 and Mother’s two Milk Substitute (Control of Sale and Distribution) two Regulations, 1994 had been in place, those felony frameworks have been not ample to govern the method of breast milk bank.

There are over 600 human milk banks in the world. According to Europe Milk Bank Association, there are 233 human milk banks in Europe. The petitioners have named the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister, Ministry of Health and Population and Minister of Health and Population as defendants.

World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding exclusively (breast milk only, with no different solids or beverages such as water) for six months, and then introducing complementary foods at six months while persevering with breastfeeding for at least two years. The first hearing of the case has been scheduled for Sunday.


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