Nepal expects French support, says Gyawali

Nepal expects French support, says Gyawali

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali on Sat aforesaid that Nepal expected cooperation in investment, technology and business enterprise from France.

“Nepal expects French cooperation in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), technology transfer and development and business enterprisewe have a tendency to conjointly need to boost this collaborations happening in development in addition as cultural and academic spheres,” aforesaid Gyawali whereas addressing a programme union on the occasion of the seventieth day of remembrance of the institution of bilateral relations between Nepal and France.
France is that the fourth country to ascertain bilateral diplomatic relations with Nepal. They established the relations in 1949.
France is that the fourth import and eighth export partner of Nepal.
According to him, at a time once Nepal has prioritised the socio-economic development of the country on the scenery of political achievements, it’s up to France for a stronger bilateral collaboration and cooperation. “In explicit, our priority is to boost economic partnership within the areas of foreign direct investment, trade enlargementbusiness enterprise linkages and technology transfer,” he said.
The secretary of state appreciated the French support in socio-economic development in {nepal|Nepal|Kingdom of Nepal|Asian country|Asian nation} and aforesaid that Nepal desires French investment, particularly in massiveinfrastructure comes here.
“Both the countries have continuing to be nurtured by goodwill, trust and mutual respect on either side. Over the decades France has extended support and cooperation towards Nepal’s socio-economic development efforts,” aforesaid Gyawali.
He conjointly aforesaid that the formation of Inter-Parliamentary relationship teams within the parliaments of Nepal and France would be instrumental in increasing and deepening friendly ties between the 2 countries.
According to him, the 2 friendly states have an important role to play in international problems like peace and security, global climate change, peace keeping and multilateralism.
He aforesaid that the seventieth day of remembrance may well be the proper occasion for high-level political contacts.
“High-level political contacts square measure extraordinarily vital in strengthening any diplomatic relationship. it’s been quite while since we have a tendency to had AN exchange of high-level visits at the political level. The seventieth day of remembrance could also be the proper occasion for this,” he said.
Likewise, substantive economic element is incredibly a lot of important for enhancing a bilateral partnership, and any economic engagements within the interdependent areas are going to be within the interests of eachcountries, he said.
He conjointly aforesaid that cultural contacts and people-to-people relations represent another facet of bilateral relations. “This is nurtured by mutual love and goodwill rife at the grassroots level of our societies. Our partnership will prosper only the general publictogether with the diaspora communities, get engaged,” he said.
French Ambassador to Nepal Francois-Xavier Leger stressed on economic partnership between the 2 countries.
He aforesaid that France was exploring avenues on however French aid may be mobilised in Nepalin step withhim, France-Nepal cooperation in mount began as early as Eighties.
“Nepal is a lovely destination for French tourists. once a year over thirty two,000 country return here. there’sconjointly a protracted lasting cooperation in mount,” aforesaid Leger.
He pointed towards the requirement for increasing folks to folks contact and aforesaid that there would be some high level political exchanges and business cooperation this year.
The programme was collectively union by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and French Embassy in Katmandu.
A musical programme followed the event within the evening wherever instrumentalist Franck Bernede bestowed solo performances, and within the later half Bidur Rajkarnikar and Santosh Bhakta Shrestha joined him.
Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, UN agency is additionally the goodwill ambassador for the seventieth year commemoration of the Nepal-France relationship, aforesaid that each the countries had similarity in environmental property.


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